Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Choose Genworth Insurance Company for your Long-Term Care Insurance Carrier?

Choosing a long-term care insurance company is an important decision and can be a tough one to make. You definately want to make sure that you choose a company that is reputale and has a wide range of flexible and comprehensive LTC insurance products. Genworth does just that!

Genworth has sold long-term care insurance policies for over 35 years and they insure more than 1 million people! They are a leader in the long-term care insurance industry!

  • They have paid more than $6.7 billion in LTC insurance claims
  • They are #1 in individual long-term care insurance policies in-force
  • They are #1 in individual long-term care insurance total policyholders
  • They offer a cost of care map nationwide
  • They offer several different products to meet individual needs
  • They are competitively prices
Genworth does stand above the rest and they have the history to prove it!

To learn more about Genworth long-term care insurance visit

The facts came from the Genworth PC Flex Brochure.

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